Best Mobile Tracking Software

Before you gift your kid a Smartphone, it is important to understand the misuse of its content can harm the child’s growth. In today’s age of technological advancement and easy access to harmful content available on the internet, it is important to monitor your child’s activity in the world of internet. If not shown a right direction, the child can turn to harmful temptations and lose his/her focus on good things in life. Therefore as concerned and educated parents, here are some of the software’s you can use for mobile

  • Mobile Spy: For Android Users, it is one of the topmost monitoring app. This app also features the call intercepting feature where you have to download and set a pin number. While using the pin number, you can have access to the tracked phone.
  • Phone Sheriff V2: This mobile tracking software is often touted to be the best mobile tracking software which is compatible with Symbian, Windows, Blackberry, Android and IOS operating system. This software allows you to block a specific number of websites or phone numbers, upon monitoring it. The GPS function enables the device holder to keep a tracker of the location all the time.
  • Norton Safety Minder: The application allows parents to block the website or opening any adult content which is not suitable for children. Parents can download this software to keep a track on search histories and different websites. It is easy to install and follow.
  • spy mobile tracker: This spying  software features some robust monitoring features which is easily accessible on other operating system. The software can also block incoming phone calls, while keeping track of the owner’s Whatsapp, Skype, GPS tracking and downloaded videos, images.
  • It is best suggested to check for compatibility of the software with the operating system before buying it. Other than that, these mobile software are famous for it’s exceptional services. Try it to know it best.

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